Next Stop: America!

After a whole year of tireless planning, we are finally counting down the days to our departure for the US!

Over the course of 24 days we are going to give a total of 13 concerts, 3 class presentations, and 6 workshops in 11 different towns and cities on the East Coast.

On January 10th, 2017 we are off to New York City, where, among other things, we will get to perform at the biggest Balkan & Eastern European Music party of the year – the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival, on January 14th.

We are going to give class presentations at Dartmouth and Brandeis Universities, and conduct workshops and concerts at Yale (Jan 21), Wesleyan (Feb 2), New England Conservatory (Jan 31), and Columbia, where we will also participate in a panel on the discourse of authenticity in Georgian Folk Music Performance (Jan 25th).

We are also excited to be giving concerts at such wonderful venues as the Double Edge Theater in Ashfield, MA (Jan 19), the 3S ArtSpace in Portsmouth, NH (Jan 20), Barbés (Jan 26) and the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn (Jan 27).

Press Release